I have been doing fiber craft for the majority of my life! My grandmother taught me to sew as a young child, when I was slightly older I started cross stitching, and in high school my aunt taught me how to knit. I love making fiber crafts and spend a lot of my free time working on projects. Here are my current projects:


As is usual for most knitters, I have many different knitting projects going on at a time. All my works in progress can be found at my Ravelry account, if anyone is interested.

But I thought that my most interesting (and current longest ongoing) project is my hexi blanket. I'm knitting double sides hexagons and sewing them together like a quilt. My goal is to make it big enough to be a bedspread, I've got a ways to go!

knitted hexis knitted hexis again

Cross Stitch

I have made many cross stitch patterns over the years but most of them have been small and many of the ones I made as a child were printed cross stitch. My current project is my most ambitious!

It's a large vintage counted cross stitch pattern from the 1990s (they don't make them this cool any more) and when I'm finished I'll be turning it into a pillow! here's pics of some of my progress and the picture of what it will look like when finished:

cross stitch more cross stitch even more cross stitch


Quilting is my newest fiber craft hobby! I'm currently working on my first quilt ever that I started in mid summer. It's not complicated, just sewing squares together, but I wanted to get the hang of it before tackling something more complicated. I haven't had as much time to work on it since school started so progress is much slower from when I first started. I'm really enjoying this new hobby so far and I forsee many more quilts in my future!

Here's the pictures of it so far!

quilt pic 1

quilt pic 2 quilt pic 3