Much of my time is spent with my pets and my plants and I love spending time with them because they make me happy. I hope to someday have a life where most of my time is spent with plants and animals. That would make me very happy.

My Pets


pic of charlie

This is my cat. His full name is Charlie Weasley because he's a big ginger boy who acts like a dragon (and all my pets have nerdy names). He was a stray in my parent's neighborhood and neither they nor any of their neighbors were able to take in another cat so I happily volunteered!

Now he's the softest and sweetest cat I've ever met and if he had his way I'd never leave the house and my full time job would be cuddling with him. Ha Ha!


gimli the pig

This is my guinea pig, his name is Gimli after the dwarf in Lord of The Rings. Most guinea pigs do better with a companion but he was the runt of his litter and was being bullied by his siblings so I adopted him on his own and he's very happy to not have to compete for food any more.

Guinea pigs are much smarter than people give them credit for and you can teach them tricks! I've taught Gimli one trick so far: Stand Up! So now whenever he wants a treat he stands up and he gets one!

My Plants

my plants more plants

I have many plants that I have collected over time of all sorts of types. I have flowering plants, succulents, tropical plants, you name a type of plant and I probably have something. (Including a tree!)

also more plants

I have plants all over my apartment, including outside. I have succulets like the ones above, in my window, and some flowering plants outside as well as inside.